about Krizy

Krist Van de Casteele, aka Krizy, has been a passionate sculptor in his spare time for many years. In addition to his full-time job as a carpenter, he is usually busy in the evenings and on weekends getting his hands dirty in one way or another. 

It all started with carving figures out of ytong, then he moved on to sandstone and finally bluestone. Family and friends grew fond of the pieces and so the sculptures first sculptures first found a place with them.Thus, Krizy's sculptures were discovered by others as well. Now, some 15 years later, they are already spread across several European countries. Over the years Krizy developed his own specific style, but he keeps developing himself creatively by challenging himself. Over the years, Krizy developed his own specific style, but continues to challenge himself by approaching natural stone with an open mind and immersing himself into new creations.

His works are very versatile, but he specializes in creating abstract figures in bluestone. No sculpture is drawn out in advance, he is guided by the inspiration of the moment and what the piece of bluestone whispers to him. This gives him the freedom to adjust the form instinctively while sculpting.

Each work is unique and made with heart, soul and passion. So look around, breathe in the works and get inspired.